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Separate legally.

Separate respectfully.

Separate from wherever you are.

Interrelate is excited to now offer separated couples a simpler way to legally finalise their parenting, property, and financial agreements without conflict.

How clients are supported.

I relate. Collaborative Family Law is a family-focused, legal service offering:

  • legal advice and assistance at any point in a separation journey
  • support for separated couples ready to come to their own agreement
  • wraparound support services to enhance family wellbeing throughout the separation
  • the collaborative method to find solutions with a family focus
  • affordable fees
  • low wait times
  • Zoom and phone consultations

We offer affordable legal fees and accessibility for families using online meetings and over the phone consultations to provide legal advice.

Our services can be easily accessed by families across Australia, ensuring that clients are supported wherever they are, and guaranteeing that our connection to our clients is unwavering no matter what external circumstances may eventuate.

"Clients receive wraparound support by accessing Interrelate’s existing services and programs such as parenting education, counselling, and children's contact services."

Who is I relate. Collaborative Family Law?

The team at I relate. Collaborative Family Law offers empathy, experience and expertise in all areas of family law. We provide trusted advice and solutions based on clients’ unique individual circumstances. As a subsidiary of Interrelate, all profits received through our legal service are directed back to Interrelate so that we can continue to support our most vulnerable communities.

Who clients will be working with.

Stephanie Lee is an Accredited Specialist in family law and the Principal Solicitor of I relate. Collaborative Family Law. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise having previously represented clients in, and outside of Australia, across the full range of issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. Stephanie and her experienced team of professionals will work with clients and their families to achieve the family-focused solution clients require.

More information.

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